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Manuals in additional languages

german manual V2.00 Download
french manual V1.50 Gerard Niefergold Download

Additional language files for Ages!

polish language file V2.10 Piotr K. Marszałek polish.lng
russian language file V2.02 BlackDog russian.lng
french language file V1.50 Gerard Niefergold french.lng
spanish language file V1.50 Robert López spanish.lng
russian language file V1.50 BlackDog russian.lng
italian language file V1.50 Michele Casanova italian.lng
catalan language file V1.50 Esteve Gonell catalan.lng
finnish language file V1.31 Olli-Pekka Juhola finnish.lng
danish language file V1.31 Lars Helbo danish.lng
czech language file V1.30 CGHSP Homepage czech.lng
greek language file V1.30 Dimitris Manolis greek.lng
norwegian language file V1.30 Per-Frank Hansen norwegian.lng
ukrainian language file V1.30 Kostyantyn Bertukh ukrainian.lng
dutch language file V1.10 Guido van Wijngaarden's Homepage dutch.lng
portuguese language file V1.10 Mario Lucio Marchioni portuguese.lng
Use the right mouse button and the "Save as..." menu item to store the language file in your Ages!-Directory. (e.g. C:\Program Files\Ages) If the language file is older than your Ages! version, some of the text displayed on screen will be in english. The older the translation file is, the more english texts you will get.

Create your own language module

You can create a new language file yourself, or you may want to change translations in an existing file. This is what you need to do, to be able to create and modify language files.
  • Download our Customizer!
  • Unzip its contents to your Ages directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Ages)
  • Run the Customizer.exe
You can use these files from within Ages, as if they were part of the original software.
If you have created a file that you think should be on the above list, mail it to support@daubnet.com .