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Units! - More than a thousand units at your fingertips.

Whatever you do, there are just too many units of measurement to remember them all. Units! makes unit conversion easy.
As if that were not enough, Units! converts currencies as well - with daily currency updates.
Units! can convert measurement from these Categories:
Absorbed Energy Electrical power Radioactivity
Accelleration Energy Radioactive Exposure
Amount of substance Force Roentgen Equivalent in Man
Angle Frequency Temperature
Area Inductance Time
Currencies Length Torque
Data Transfer Speed Luminous intensity Velocity (angular)
Data Volume Magnetic field Velocity / Speed
Density Magnetic flux Velocity of Volume / Volume Speed
Electric capacitance Magnetic flux density / induction Voltage / Potential difference
Electric charge Mass, Weight Volume
Electric conductance Moment of Inertia  
Electric field Power  
Electrical impedance, resistance Pressure