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Load! Board Load! Questions pack pallets and put pallets in containers  


pack pallets and put pallets in containers

Post31. Jul 2013, 10:19
Is it possible using Load! to "pack" pallets with boxes, so as to optimize the load on the individual pallets. Then pack these pallets into a container.

Essentially, is it possible to create a number of smaller containers, then load these containers into a larger container?

Re: pack pallets and put pallets in containers

Post22. Nov 2013, 15:17
The current version of Load! could be used to stow items into smaller (palette-sized) containers, but will continue to start with a "back" wall, instead of a bottom-up approach.

We're working on an update that will also handle bottom-up packaging.

Multi-step loading is on our "wishlist", but not currently planned for the next release.
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