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Ages! Board Ages! Questions Mac version?  


Mac version?

Beitrag21. Dez 2011, 14:02

I´ve been using Ages! for some time on my Laptop with Windows Xp, but time of change has come and i´m moving to a Mac platform (Imac 27"). Are you planing on releasing a version for Mac OS X too? That would be great :p

Re: Mac version?

Beitrag4. Jan 2012, 14:15
Ages! is a Windows executable. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways of running Ages! on a MacOs X system.
* CodeWeavers Crossover
* VMware Fusion
* Darwine
* Parallels Desktop
Those programs not only allow you to run Ages!, but almost any Windows software on your mac. Please note that running Ages! in such an environment may limit the amount of support available from us. We will still try to do our best, but we don't have all environments available for testing.
Site Admin

Re: Mac version?

Beitrag5. Jan 2012, 18:02

Re: Mac version?

Beitrag11. Aug 2012, 11:16