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Beitrag11. Nov 2008, 13:25
GenProfi Import Plugin V0.96 - file not exist on FTP
(Error 404 - Not found
Die angegebene Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden.)

Check pls this link.

Re: Downloads

Beitrag11. Nov 2008, 14:28
Thanks for pointing me to that error. I corrected the download-link. Chances are very low, though, that any english user would make any use of that import plugin.

What it does: It imports data from a DOS-based genealogy software called GenProfi that once was popular in germany. To my knowledge, that piece of software was never available in other languages than german.

How to install: Download the ZIP, and unpack its contents (a DLL file) to your Ages program directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Ages ) With the next launch of Ages!, the File->Open dialog will accept GenProfi files.
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