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Ages! Terminology

Beitrag6. Nov 2008, 19:53
Dear Support Team,

Kindly ask you to clarify following term, which was found in your good software:Maidenhead
(English language)

In accordance with Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - it mean
a woman's virginity (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define. ... &dict=CALD)

In accordance with Oxford English Dictionary - it mean:
• noun archaic 1.a girl’s or woman’s virginity. 2. the hymen.

In accordance with Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary - it mean:
1 : the quality or state of being a maiden : virginity
2 : hymen

I hope - that is not what you mean in this term. Kindly ask you to clarify and also explain, how to use it (if possible with example)
(Reading the manual I found: The Convert button allows you to enter Maidenhead-locators. For more on this see Map (page 16).)
I tried to convert , but it seems does not work.


Re: Ages! Terminology

Beitrag8. Nov 2008, 15:09
The term "Maidenhead" in Ages! refers to this:


Ages! accepts four and six-digit Maidenhead locators, and will convert those to degrees, minutes and seconds.
Site Admin

Re: Ages! Terminology

Beitrag9. Nov 2008, 12:46
Many thanks for explanation!

In my opinion it would be a good idea if you place this link re Maidenhead locators at least to the Manual.