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Ages! Board Ages! Questions Ages database => HTML  


Ages database => HTML

Beitrag24. Mai 2009, 19:15
In my opinion it would be a great if somebody can create plugin for Ages
to arrange convert database to the HTML format. What you think about it?

Re: Ages database => HTML

Beitrag25. Mai 2009, 19:48
Currently, Ages! does not export to HTML. We are looking into making HTML available as export format.

However, Ages! is highly compatible with , which allows the creation of an interactive website from a GEDCOM.
Site Admin

Re: Ages database => HTML

Beitrag27. Mai 2009, 11:05

Re: Ages database => HTML

Beitrag27. Mai 2009, 19:17
As of now, you can export charts to a number of formats, which GIF and JPG being the more web-friendly variants. The next major update of Ages! will have a few extra export formats.
Site Admin