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Ages! Board Ages! Questions REFN / INDI tags on charts  


REFN / INDI tags on charts

Beitrag6. Mai 2013, 01:22
Hi, a few questions on Ages 2.02:

1) When I import a GEDCOM file into Ages, where can I find the contents of REFN / INDI tags in the user interface?
2) Is it possible to display these REFN / INDI numbers on charts? (What object properties they are)
3) Is it possible to display specifically 'Romanized' names on charts? (What object properties they are)

Thanks in advance.

Re: REFN / INDI tags on charts

Beitrag4. Jun 2013, 15:35
With "INDI"-numbers I assume you mean the cross reference identifiers of GEDCOM files (the ones that are enclosed in @-symbols).

Ages! does not store those numbers at all, and generates new numbers upon saving a file. As stated in the GEDCOM specification, those numbers are temporary in nature, and as such is not recommended to use those numbers for *any* other purpose such as storing or memorizing them elsewhere.

REFN numbers however are a different subject. As of version 2.0 Ages! now reads those and saves them to the file again when saving the file (there was a REFN related bug in versions prior to 2.0.3). Currently it is not displayed in the user interface. We're still discussing if displaying them would be a good idea.

It is possible to print all names on a chart, but there is no easy way to restrict them to just romanized versions. Thanks for the suggestion, I've put that on our feature tracker.
Site Admin

Re: REFN / INDI tags on charts

Beitrag4. Jun 2013, 23:55

Re: REFN / INDI tags on charts

Beitrag5. Jun 2013, 15:14
To make sure this is not forgotten, I've added your feature requests to our tracking system:

Displaying and editing REFN in the user interface
Adding REFN to layouts

We're not sure when and how we'll implement this, but will consider it when working on future versions.
Site Admin