As usual, you can download it directly from our and install it on your machine.
Users still using Ages! 1.53 or older will need to purchase a at special upgrade discount. Users of Ages! 2.00 or higher get this update for free

New Features

The save function has gotten a major overhaul. Not only is it faster (about 5 times), it also is safer. Your data is now saved to a temporary file and replaces your GEDCOM only when that process succeeded. Saving large files will now show a progress bar. On Windows Vista, Win7 and Win8 this progress will also be visible in the task bar. Along with these changes, we've made error messages more informative to allow better support.

Change Log

Das manual can now be downloaded and opened (now works on Vista, Win7 and Win8 as well, please note that we're still working on the english manual)
Tasks can now be deleted regardless of their state
Media can now be deleted from the "Media" window
PNG and GIF are now listed as "supported Formats" again
Single unconnected individuals are now listed alphabetically in the "unconnected Subtrees" window
Ages! to go now exports unlinked records (sources etc), if (and only if) all individuals are exported
Unlinking a child from its single mother now does not touch other siblings
Using Google Maps as standard map will not create a "script error" anymore
Favorites can now be renamed by using the "Rename" button
Newly opened windows now have the input focus
, windows can now be closed with the ESC key
REFN numbers originating from other programs will now be stored correctly

Reports and Charts
The contents of "additional Condition" are now stored as part of layouts and favorites
Implex options are now stored in layouts and favorites
The Top-of-line report now does not erraneously show a "Partnerships" area
The report wizard does not list "wedding" as event list option - event reports are restricted to invididual events.
The flag "page break above" will now be reset upon loading another layout
Sources with a long title (SOUR.ABBR) will not cause a program crash anymore
Siblings of a start person are now shown in the correct order
Favorites can now be deleted

Translation of implex options
Translation of map ribbon context menu item "Set as Default View"
, , , , - Miscellaneous changes to license key management