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Ages! Board Ages! Questions Ages V 2.0.2 and Windows 8  


Ages V 2.0.2 and Windows 8

Beitrag6. Feb 2013, 23:05
I try to use Ages! V 2.0.2 on computer HP TouchSmart 600 PC (64 bit) with Windows 8.
It seems that everything is working normally, except that I can not write a date (day, month, year) of birth, death etc.
After writing the data and press the Enter key or the step with mouse the program -bites- and does not work anymore.
Date editor works only in a part with probable data (on..., before..., after ...).
Is there anybody who have any experience with Windows 8 and Ages!
And how is the hope that it will be ready Ages! with Windows 8 compatible version?
Milan Mikuska, m.mikuska@atlas.cz

Re: Ages V 2.0.2 and Windows 8

Beitrag4. Jun 2013, 15:29
Ages! has been tested thoroughly on Windows 8, so the problem you're experiencing is most probably not related to your Windows version. Please go to the Settings dialog, and check your date format. Please try if changing that format helps. If the problem is linked to a specific date format, I'd like to know which.
Site Admin