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Identify! V1.00

Ever thought what that FILE0000.CHK was?
What you need to open that GREATPICTURE.IMG file?
MS-Windows can tell you a files' type only by looking at the files extension, and will only recognize those formats, for which you already have software on your system.
Identify! is different.
  • It tells you what format that file has, regardless of any other software on your PC.
  • It even tells you what format a file has without looking at the files' extension!
  • It knows hundreds of file types by extension.
  • It knows hundreds of file types by content.
What do I need that for?
  • You now know what GREATPICTURE.IMG means, and download a suitable viewer.
  • You now can rename that FILE0000.CHK to FILE0000.GIF and view it.
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 95 or higher - 1 MB free hard disk space
available languages