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File Format Specification Index



Basic Description

SCR Files are written by a screen shot utility called CAPTURE, included in some of the DOS Versions of Microsoft Word. SCRs are derived PCX files. Notice that CAPTURE can also write ASCII dumps in .LST files.

Basic File Format

Same as PCX except:
< Signature > = $CD.
< BytesPerScanline > may be odd, therefore there are no filler bytes in the Raster Data. Many programs will still read it though.
< Compression > = 1 Data is always stored RLE Encoded.

Raster Data encoding

see PCX for details. Lines are never padded with a zero.


SCR files are a specialty to Microsoft's CAPTURE. You should put no effort to write files of this type, and little to read them, since the DOS Word close to becoming an extinct species.

Trademarks, Patents and Royalties

To my knowledge: none.
(please read the disclaimer)

Cross-Checking Software

This section is for programmers, who wish to cross-check their implementation with others. This is an incomplete list of programs, which are available as freeware / shareware / try-before-buy etc.
The following software is able to decode SCR:
  • none?
The following software is able to encode BMPs
  • Word for DOS's CAPTURE utility

Online Resources

- none -

Paper Resources

[German:] Referenzhandbuch Dateiformate by Günter Born.


This is not the official format documentation. Although we're doing our best to keep this information as accurate as possible, there is no way of checking all of it under all possible circumstances. We're not taking any responsibility for the results of these information or lack thereof. The 'trademarks, patents and royalties' section is here just for your convenience, and is in no way complete. Please send us a note, if you find any incorrect of missing information.