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Ages! Board Ages! Questions How to subscribe to mailing-list ??  


How to subscribe to mailing-list ??

Post15. Nov 2008, 01:55
I bought Ages! few days ago. The mail I received with the registration-code said we have the option of subcribing to the updated-mailing-list but the link to subscribe to it doesn't work (http://www.daubnet.com/english/agesmail.html)

Re: How to subscribe to mailing-list ??

Post17. Nov 2008, 18:19
The mailing list has been discontinued, and was replaced with this forum. The "announcements" section of it will keep you informed way better than the old mailing list did.
If you wish to subscribe to the forum, create a "my Daubnet" account (as you already did), go to the "Ages! Announcements" forum, and click on "subscribe forum". Doing so will create notification e-mails, whenever an announcement has been made.
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