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Translaton of Ages!

Post11. Nov 2008, 14:59
During my research regarding the trnslation the Ages! on other languages than German or English I found that some of items have no ID in lng files:

1. In every Lists or Charts -> Persons -> Content Persons subheader "Individuell" has no any ID and could not be translated.
2. In every "Field list" Words Prefix and Suffix and under their content:
words "Ohne" and "Benutzerdefiniert" - have no ID for translation.
3. From "Add media" from Scanner or Digital Camera - button with word "Weiter" - has no translation
4. All items of "Registration Form" have no ID for translation.
5. All Items of "About Daub Ages!" have no ID for translation.

I think that is not full list of items which has no ID... That are only what i found.
It would be a great if these items also could be translated to any language.

BTW, when you expect to publish new customizer with strings.ini files?


Re: Translation of Ages!

Post11. Nov 2008, 15:49
The top three items are bugs in the translation table of 1.50 and 1.51. They shall be fixed with 1.52.
The fourth and fifth are not translatable by design. They cannot be translated using a LNG file.

I have just uploaded the 1.5x Customizer a few minutes ago.
Site Admin

Re: Translaton of Ages!

Post11. Nov 2008, 21:59
Thanks a lot for customizer!

Pls find attached file with russian language for Ages! ver. 1.51
You can share it for downloading from site.

Russian Language for Ages! v.1.51
(36.11 KiB) Downloaded 2040 times

Re: Translaton of Ages!

Post12. Nov 2008, 01:16
Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Your file is now available from the downloads section.
Site Admin

Re: Translaton of Ages!

Post8. Jul 2012, 16:56
When you expect to publish new customizer with strings.ini files - for new version of Ages! v.2.01 ?
I suppose that i can help with russian language.

Re: Translaton of Ages!

Post9. Jul 2012, 14:11
We're still working on the Customizer and on an english manual for 2.0, sorry. I'm going to announce both on the announcement forum once they're available. Thank you for your patience.
Site Admin

Re: Translaton of Ages!

Post23. Dec 2014, 13:54
Beide Funktionen stehen auf der Wunschliste. Für jedes Update wird festgelegt, welche Funktionen der Wunschliste, und welche anderen Änderungen oder Neuerungen ihren Weg in das Produkt finden.

Einen festen Termin- oder Updateplan für kommende Versionen gibt es derzeit nicht. Auch wenn dies nicht besonders werbeträchtig ist, arbeiten wir im Moment nach wie vor an Fehlerbereinigungen der V1.5er Serie. Nebenbei testen wir beispielsweise einen neuen Router (siehe 1.53alpha1), der für eine kommende Version geplant ist.

Ob und wann eine bestimmte Funktionserweiterungen umgesetzt wird, ist vom Fortschritt bei der Fehlerbeseitigung und den zur Verfügung stehenden Entwicklungsressourcen abhängig. Beides ist im Moment schlecht planbar.

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