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Post23. Jan 2011, 18:17
Is there a way to correct the spelling error in version 1.31 which prints the charts at 'DEPENDENTS' (adjective) instead of 'DEPENDANTS' (nown) other that updating to version 1.5

Gibt es eine Weise, den Rechtschreibfehler in Version 1.31 zu beheben, die die Diagramme an ' druckt; DEPENDENTS' (Adjektiv) anstelle von ' DEPENDANTS' (nown) anderes diese Aktualisierung zu Version 1.5

Re: Dependants/dependents

Post24. Jan 2011, 19:23
There is a way to replace certain parts of text in the user interface and in reports, but since the update to 1.53 is free of charge and does offer a number of other advantages, why stay with 1.31?
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