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Map Help

Post21. Nov 2013, 12:50
On the Map, is it just a map or should I see the Locations of my family as map pins in the appropriate place? For instance, I have ancestors located in Nottingham and in "location" they are there, but no indication on the map.

Maybe it's just a map but it would be great if it was more!

Thanks in anticipation for any help on this

Re: Map Help

Post22. Nov 2013, 15:11
The map by itself is just a map. You either have to enter coordinates for your location or drag them from the list of locations onto the map.

After doing that once, you will see what you had expected.
Site Admin

Re: Map Help

Post23. Nov 2013, 14:54
Ah Yes, I have to drag the location, from "locations" to the actual place on the map, if I just drag it onto the map, anywhere, that's where it will stay.
But I can then change the pin by finding the correct place on the map and changing the coordinates.

Many thanks.

Re: Map Help

Post25. Nov 2013, 15:03
correct. Please note that if you already plan to enter the coordinates manually, you don't have to drag anything. Just entering the coordinates will automatically let the pin "pop up". You may have to reopen the map to see that, though.
Site Admin