Today, we are happy to annouce the availability of another free update for Ages!
Apart from a number of smaller changes, V1.53 includes a new "router", that produces nicer connection lines in large charts.

The Ages!-Download is avalable on the product's page or right here:

This is a free update


You can simply download the new version and install it "on top of" the old one without a prior uninstall process. Your settings and data are preserved.

New Features

  • Edit Person: hovering over father or mother will now show yellow hints with more data[0000277]
  • Edit Person: The number of known children is now displayed [0000114]
  • Find Duplicates: You can now hide items from the list of possibly duplicate persons. [0000237]
  • Output: New user defined field for "all events" [0000263]
  • Output: additional "line feed" for "events in this source"[0000278]
  • Output: Descendant Outline: change indentation[0000109]
  • Output: You can now print a persons calculated age at an event (e.g. Death)[0000111]
  • Output: Cross-reference connectors now have arrows pointing towards the other end[0000257]
  • Output: Cross-reference connectors can now be used to jump to the other end (navigation-mode only) [0000208]
  • Other: Windows 7 (Preview) Detection [0000252]


  • Edit Person: right mouse click in the list of events will now select an entry [0000245]
  • Other: Input focus changed in multiple windows (e.g. "last names"-window)[0000259]
  • Output: changed connector lines for children with only one parent[0000247]
  • Output: changed connector lines to avoid overlaps[0000250]
  • Output: formatting photos simplified[0000251]
  • GEDCOM-Import: accellerated import of large files[0000281]
  • GEDCOM-Import: Special adaptions for Pro-Gen files[0000282]
  • GEDCOM-Import: Special adaptions for MacFamilyTree files [0000248]
  • GEDCOM-Import: Special adaptions for GenPlus files [0000280]
  • GEDCOM-Import: Special adaptions for GEN-Master files[0000279]
  • Export: Ages! to go removed from trial version[0000284]
  • Plugins: plugin system removed from trial version[0000285]


  • Edit Persons: System not using windows theming (e.g. Windows XP in "classic" UI) now show portraits[0000283]
  • Media: Scanner integration now allows to save files on a different drive than C:[0000246]
  • Sources: A combobox for Source citations (type of entry) now has an additional option to remove its content.[0000154]
  • Export: Button "continue" now reactivates when going a step back [0000276]
  • Export: Error message removed if a source citation had attached media.[0000275]
  • Others: Settings regarding deletion of source citations are now saved. [0000256]
  • Output: Moving photos in the content list now leaves font types intact.[0000139]
  • Output: Very long rows of text (e.g. Notes without linebreaks) can now be printed.[0000258]
  • Output: marriage status will now show correctly in all cases[0000262]
  • Output: pictures, notes and sources linked to events can be printed again.[0000260] [0000273]
  • Output: cross reference links will not overlap people anymore.[0000122]
  • Output: The two preview panes (page miniatures and main preview) will now synchronize correctly.[0000146]
  • GEDCOM-Import: erroneous tag for "not divorced" will now import correctly [0000261]
  • GEDCOM-Import: very long lines could lead to loss of information.[0000268]